Our Team

Executive Director

Katherine Johnson

Community development leader with over 15 years experience in financial services and neighborhood empowerment programming. 

Katherine was born in the country of Panama and traveled for many years as part of a military family; however, since 1998, New Orleans has been her home. As an active supporter and advocate of financial literacy and home ownership, Katherine Johnson is known for her work in creating pathways that lead families to self-sufficiency and financial freedom.  Katherine has been a part of the HARMONY family for the last 8 years.  

 Katherine's expertise surrounds the fields of community development and financial capability programming, and she has extensive experience navigating federal housing programs.  During her time with HARMONY, Katherine successfully integrated financial capability programming into Housing Development, and her work resulted in 72 families reaching their goal of homeownership.  Combined, these families received a total of $3.4 million of soft second subsidies with her assistance.  As a devoted wife, mother of five, and lover of all things family, Katherine's work is driven by her heart for people, and she continues to find new ways to bring resources, support, and tools to our community. Katherine studied Business Management at the University of Phoenix and is certified as a Director of a Homeownership Counseling Agency and holds certifications as a financial coach and occupancy specialist.

Operations Manager

Connie Smith

Executive Assistant and New Orleans native, Connie has 10 + years in experience in customer service and business management.  Connie serves on the front lines of all the programs that HARMONY manages and supports the team in managing operations.

Facilitation Manager

Patrick Carter

Patrick Carter is a multidisciplinary activist, case manager, facilitator, and mentor inspired most by the lives of everyday people. A New Orleans native, his work transcends the boundaries of society and culture.  Patrick facilitates and advocates in a sincere attempt to connect people in provocative and meaningful ways.  Patrick's work focuses on behaviors that are detrimental to healthy relationships, personal growth, and financial well-being. Patrick makes it a point to have open dialogue about the systematic barriers our participants face and empowers our participants to have an active role in the changes they wish to see in their lives. 


Patrick Carter is a graduate of Southern University New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in business.  Patrick is well known for his work in promoting the 2:7 DAD curriculum to fathers, managing group facilitation, and serving as a community liason and advocate of affordable housing choices, workforce development, and financial capability.

Patrick is an active member of Group Violence Reduction Strategy, National Fatherhood Initiative, and is certified as group facilitator.  Patrick also specializes in basketball skill training and youth empowerment.  

Intake Counselor

Gissela Ballesteros

Bilingual Intake Counselor and current Harmony Homeowner, Gissela Ballesteros has over 10 years in customer service and quality control experience.  Gissela brings to HARMONY a wealth of knowledge after having completed the homeownership program and her expertise is in working with a diverse population and financial wellness.  Gissela is a financial coach in training. 

Our Board of Directors

Board Officer - Chair

David Crais

Board Officer - Treasurer

Neil Washington 

Neil Washington is a Director of Finance for Marriott International responsible for partnering with hotel teams to maintain controls, drive revenue growth and maximize profit for ownership groups. 

Neil believes that positive returns are driven by concentrating on customer loyalty. He creates an enviroment where employees enjoy the countless hours spent at work, as well as understand the overall hotel goals and the importance of their individual efforts towards those goals. Neil incorporates this team understanding into an experience that dissuades the customer from considering alternative lodging options by marrying outstanding customer service with a sleek, intutitive product driving strong top line sales and subsequent profit.

Neil has spent the last 18 years gaining experience in the hospitality industry. His progressive finance leadership roles over the past 10 years have allowed him to mentor future finance leaders. Neil has been awarded numerous awards for oustanding financial results, strong controls and owner relations.

Neil is a New Orleans native, a graduate of St. Augustine High School and holds a B.S in Finance with a concentration in Real Estate Development & Investments from the University of New Orleans. In his free time he enjoys cyling, golf and traveling with his wife Cherie and their daughter Jada.


Board Officer - Vice Chair

Devon Hulbert

Devon is a proud HARMONY homeowner who now serves as one of HARMONY's Vice Board Chair.  Devon is a dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience in management. Extensive background in HR generalist affairs, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance.  Devon uses these skills as a Management Development Analyst for the City of New Orleans.  Devon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management Concentration Human Resources from Southeaster Louisiana University.  


Board Officer - Secretary

Steven Massicot

Board Member

DC Paul

DC Paul is a millennial actor, comedian, host, creative writer, and performance artist born and raised in New Orleans.  A former student of the NOCCA and Columbia Arts College, DC's talents have been showcased on various stages and platforms around the country since the late 1990s, but he began his career as a stand up comedian in 2014.  Since then, You can find DC's comedic talents on local radio, television, and live showcases.  He is a frequent host of live events, as he cultivates a fun and friendly environment, even when heavyhearted subject matters are involved.  His style of comedy relies heavily on pop culture observations, sociopolitical punchlines, life experiences, and witty wordplay.



Board Member

Pastor Sha'teek Nobles