Our Staff and Volunteers

Una Anderson, Executive Director

Development Adviser serving as Harmony's Executive Director, Una's role is to manage the organization, facilitate neighborhood partnerships, and promote innovative projects to expand HARMONY's affordable housing production and comprehensive community development.  Una has over 20 years of business, public service and real estate development experience, which includes directing Harmony's partnership on 460 unit Harmony Oaks development - Directoing $12.5 M in single family home construction - Guiding Harmony in its organizational path to comprehensive community development and expansion to additional neighborhoods.

A Louisiana native and cum laude graduate of Harvard University, Una has extensive experience in business and real estate development. She has a long history of commitment to public service in New Orleans. A former legislative aide to City Councilman Oliver Thomas, She has been active in numerous community organizations including the Louisiana Council for Economic Education, Myrtle Banks Mentoring Program, Kingsley House, New Orleans Council for Young Children, and the Young Leadership Council, among others. Most recently, Una has been working with community leaders, organizations and residents in the  building of quality affordable housing, increased job opportunities, and educational advancement in the Central City area, making her commitment to the New Orleans even stronger.      

Katherine Johnson, Director of Programs

Director of Programs and Senior Financial Coach, Katherine serves as the Director of the Wealth and Asset Building Program at HARMONY.    

Katherine was born in the country of Panama and traveled for many years because of her military family.  However, New Orleans has been her home since 1998.  Katherine, has over 14 years of financial and business experience, with expertise in managing financial services and programs, counselors and coaches, and building programs that edify her peers and her clients.

Katherine has served in this capacity for 7 years with HARMONY and is responsible for over 72 low-to-moderate income families becoming homeowners, equating  to over $8M in home sales.  Since her time at HARMONY, Katherine has captured over $3.48 M in soft second subsidy for our families.  People are at the heart of her work as she continues to find new ways to bring resources, support, and tools to our families.  Katherine is certified in the following areas:  Financial Coaching, Homeowner's Counseling Agency Director, Homeowner Counselor, and Occupancy Specialist.  

As of 2016 Katherine, also manages all of the programs that are housed at the Harmony Oaks Community Center in Centeral City, New Orleans.  Bringing meaningful programming in arms reach of our community.

Charles Cutno, Director of Real Estate

Director for Real Estate Development at HARMONY, Charles and has extensive experience in the management of all real estate functions including property acquisition, construction, and feasibility analysis of potential initiatives.  Charles, a New Orleans native, believes that all families deserve quality housing. Major accomplishments while at HARMONY include - Overseeing $12.5 M in single family home development; directed construction and compliance for multiple federal funding streams including NSP, HOME, and HOPE VI; Directed pre-development for $5 M commercial corridor development.

Alecia Evans, Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator and current Harmony Homeowner, Alecia, comes to HARMONY with 4 years in banking 5+ years in customer service.   Alecia conducts all intakes into HARMONY's programs and works with families in achieving their financial and credit goals.  She is a certified Homeowner Counselor and Trainer, Financial Coach in training, and just acquired her Bachelors in Finance from the University of New Orleans.

Connie Smith, Administrative Assistant

Program Assistant and New Orleans native, Connie has 10 + years in customer service.  Connie serves on the front lines of all the programs that HARMONY manages and provides administrative support to the organization.

Our Volunteers

HARMONY continues to have a larger impact and reach thanks to dedicated individuals that give of their time to support our community.  Special Thanks to each of you!